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Romany Fortune Teller and Clairvoyant Gypsy Acora

Fortune Teller Gipsy Acora is acknowledged as one of the most outstanding clairvoyants of our age. His genuine gifts are not learned from books but have passed to him through birth.
Established more than 40 years ago on Plymouth Barbican, this genuine Romany has amazed millions with his accurate predictions and foresight. People from all walks of life, including politicians, film and TV stars, have sought guidance from him. Gipsy Acora has appeared in newspapers and publications all over the world; he has even had his own TV series.

If you want a one-to-one reading with Gipsy Acora, he is open between 10.00am and 4.00pm, although an appointment is not always necessary it is advisable to book in advance. Click here for directions and contact details.

Romany Gipsy Acora stares into his crystal ball on Plymouth Barbican
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Gipsy Acora - world renowned. TV, books and newspapers

World renowned

World renowned - TV, Newspapers and Books

Gipsy Acora wrote horoscopes for the Sunday Independent newspaper for 8 years, had an ITV weekly spot and was interviewed by the BBC.
He has written 10 books.

Larry Grayson Shut That Tour!

Front page news Sunday Independent

How Gipsy Acora saved Larry Grayson's life

Acora forecast an Australian tour and advised Larry to cancel, which he did. It was later reported that the plane that would have brought Larry back to the UK crashed killing it's passengers.

Gypsy Acora review


“Do not hesitate to go, he's amazing!”

“I would recommend Acora to anyone without hesitation. What a wonderful person. His readings are excellent and very accurate. Do not hesitate to go, he's amazing!”
Mrs Aysiah Kazmi. Truro, Cornwall

Eastenders' Steve McFadden consults clairvoyant Gipsy Acora

Reading stars for the stars

Eastenders' Steve McFadden & many more

Eastenders' Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell) consults clairvoyant Gipsy Acora - as do many stars of the past and present: MP Enoch Powell, Shirley Bassey, Jethro, and more recently Corrie's Michelle Collins.