About Gipsy Acora

Gipsy Acora wrote horoscopes for the Sunday Independent newspaper for 8 years, had an ITV weekly spot and was interviewed by the BBC. He has written 10 books.

A world renowned Romany clairvoyant, Acora has read the fortunes of hundreds of stars including Phillip Schofield, Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell in Eastenders), Jethro, Biggins and many, many more..all with the same uncanny accuracy that saved Larry Grayson's life and helped thousands to be 'forewarned and forearmed' - see the Testimonials below.

What we do

  • Clairvoyant - Plymouth Barbican

    Born a clairvoyant, Gipsy Acora reads a crystal ball to predict the future. A ball of nothing in which Acora can see pictures like a dream.
    Clairvoyance is a gift you are born with.

  • Palm reading on Plymouth Barbican
    Palm Reading

    Possibly the most well known Romany Gypsy tradition, Palmistry is the art of interpreting the character and fortunes of a person by reading the hand. Acora has read palms for over 50 years; a gift passed down from his Romany ancestors.
    “A gift not from books, from blood and birth.”

  • Astrology on Plymouth Barbican

    Learnt as a child through word-of-mouth from his uncannily accurate Grandmother, Romany Astrology is older than the common astrology we hear of every day and involves understanding and reading the positions of celestial bodies and how they effect us and our lives.

Our studio

Opening times Every day 10am - 4pm
Where Plymouth Barbican
Telephone 01752 221711
Can't visit us? Order your Zodiac Album
Gipsy Acora Plymouth Barbican
Gipsy Acora Romany caravan

On the road

In the summer Gipsy Acora travels as per his Romany ancestors to fairs far and wide, leaving the studio in the capable hands of his 'Zodiac Circle of Friends' - all naturally gifted people.
To stay up to date with his travels like on Facebook or telephone the studio on 01752 221711.


I would recommend Acora to anyone without hesitation. What a wonderful person. His readings are excellent and very accurate. Do not hesitate to go, he's amazing!
Mrs Aysiah Kazmi. Truro, Cornwall

I was in a bad place and at my wits end - I wanted my life to end - when I was told by a friend to go and see Acora. This I did - and it's turned my life around - I feel much more positive. Everything he told me has come true.
Mrs Margaret Davies. Exeter, Devon

I was recommended by a friend who has already had a reading by Acora. He is absolutely spot on, I couldn't believe it. He told me things that only I know of - that was when I knew he is good!
Mr David Collins. Exmouth, Devon

I've been coming to see Acora for over 20 years. I am now in my 80's and usually have a reading about twice a year. One morning I was feeling really down - should I go to my GP or see Acora instead? I saw Acora. I made the right decision - it was better than any pills!
Millie. Kidderminster, Worcestershire