Astrology Reading for one year

Astrology Reading for one year
Astrological forecast for Sagittarius
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Your 'Romany Zodiac Album' is a personalised, detailed astrology reading for one year. In 25 pages or more Gipsy Acora details a summary of your future, your health, love life, finances and more before detailing each week of each month.

Starting with a summary of your future, this A4 sized book gives an accurate astrological reading of the year ahead in terms of your Health, Love Life (including astrology compatibility), Career, Finances, your ruling Planet, and future trends before going into detail about every week of the coming year.

This elaborate astrology reading is not just for the next twelve months however, but for the rest of your life. It is not just a horoscope or merely a character reading but the “Story of Your Life” from beginning to end. It's what Gipsy Acora calls your “Romany Zodiac Album” because it is something you will keep forever and constantly turn to for guidance. It is the real you - the person within you that your friends do not know or understand.

Simply complete the form and you will soon receive a detailed reading all about yourself and your future. Be quick and enjoy our special offer - free postage and packing!

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What buyers say

Dear Acora your Zodiac Book is amazing, I couldn't put it down and what value, prediction after prediction. Thanks.
Miss Mary France (Age 23).
Radstock, Avon

From reading my Zodiac Book I was spellbound from beginning to end, you seemed to know better than anyone else and there was page after page of predictions; how you know it all I shall never know.
Mrs Deborah Bailey (Age 43).
Staines upon Themes

I sent for a Zodiac Chart for my daughter in Scotland because she likes that sort of thing. She was amazed and said it is exactly her, she couldn't believe how accurate it was. She said it has guided her through University and is more positive in her outlook.
Mr John Rochester (Age 53).
Plymouth, Devon

Dear Acora, I was shocked and amazed at the cost and value of your Zodiac Guide. It was spooky how much you knew about me, and when I'd finished reading my predictions for the next 12 months I still pick it up nearly every day to read each monthly prediction (which is a separate section) and take note.
Mrs Jenny Abbas (Age 32). Watford