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Gipsy Acora - world renowned. TV, books and newspapers

World renowned

World renowned - TV, Newspapers and Books

Gipsy Acora wrote horoscopes for the Sunday Independent newspaper for 8 years, had an ITV weekly spot and was interviewed by the BBC. He has written 10 books.

Larry Grayson Shut That Tour!

Front page news Sunday Independent

How Gipsy Acora saved Larry Grayson's life

Acora forecast an Australian tour and advised Larry to cancel, which he did. It was later reported that the plane that would have brought Larry back to the UK crashed killing it's passengers.

Gypsy Acora review


“Do not hesitate to go, he's amazing!”

“I would recommend Acora to anyone without hesitation. What a wonderful person. His readings are excellent and very accurate. Do not hesitate to go, he's amazing!”
Mrs Aysiah Kazmi. Truro, Cornwall

Eastenders' Steve McFadden consults clairvoyant Gypsy Acora

Reading stars for the stars

Eastenders' Steve McFadden & many more

Eastenders' Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell) consults clairvoyant Gipsy Acora - as do many stars of the past and present: MP Enoch Powell, Shirley Bassey, Jethro, and more recently Corrie's Michelle Collins.

Plymouth Barbican Clairvoyant Gypsy Acora stares into his crystal ball

Plymouth Clairvoyant

Gipsy Acora / Gypsy Acora

No matter how you choose to spell 'Gypsy', Acora is the world renowned Romany clairvoyant. In a career spanning more than 50 years, Acora has offered his services to people from all walks of life worldwide.

Lesely Joseph visits Gypsy Acora

Reading stars for the stars

Lesley Joseph from 'Birds of a Feather'

Unable to fit her in when she called into his Plymouth Barbican studio, Gipsy Acora visited the lovely Lesley Joseph after her show here in Plymouth.

Phillip Schofield visits Gipsy Acora

Reading stars for the stars

Phillip Schofield

One of many modern stars who visit Gipsy Acora is the fabulous Phillip Schofield...but you don't have to be a star to take advantage of Acora's gifts, telephone 01752 221711 now or order your personal Zodiac Book.

Romany Gypsy Acora stands at the door of his gypsy caravan

It's in the blood

Acora the Romany Gipsy

Acora comes from a historically proven long line of Romany fortune-tellers including Romany Clairvoyant 'Madame Zamra' who numbered crowned heads among her clientele.
He speaks fluent Romany & English.